About us

Paul Propiedades - is an agency that was established in early 2015, which aims to significantly improve the quality of services in real estate in the lake area south of Chile, the best way by meeting the needs of our customers.
We employ professionals who will help you to find a plot of land, a house, an apartment or a boar in the cities of Villarrica, Pucon and Kurareue. We are also working in Likanrae, Konyaripe, Kaburgua and their surroundings.
In addition, you can become a part of Paul Propiedades posting on our site your ad about renting or selling houses, land, etc., are located in these areas.
Honesty, responsibility, transparency, professionalism, competition and good service - the basis on which the work of our company is built.
Thus, the basic principles of our work in the process of purchase and sale - is to perform fair and impartial intermediary to satisfy the interests of both buyer and seller.
Our clients are our friends, as well as everyone wants the best your friends, we do our work well for you and for your sake.
The best comes ...